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Congratulations on your engagement! We all know how exciting it is to be engaged and the process of putting together your dream wedding, and while choosing the venue, food, and planning the guest list is a blast, no wedding is complete without the dress. Searching through endless racks of wedding dresses can feel a bit overwhelming and extremely exhilarating as you look for THE dress for your wedding day.
Not only should your dress reflect your personal style, but you should find something that makes you actually FEEL like a bride. However choosing the right dress can be complicated with all the options you have available to you, so we want to help by providing you with the top styles for today’s brides.

Lace Wedding Dresses

No search for wedding dresses is complete without taking a look at something a little vintage. Lace wedding dresses are not only awe inspiringly beautiful, but a vintage style that has stuck around for decades. It is highly recommended that if you are looking for THE dress for your wedding day, you at least try on one or two lace dresses to see how they look and feel. They may take you by surprise.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

These dresses create the perfect hourglass frame and can make a bride feel like a true princess. However, keep in mind that you will have to walk in this dress and some mermaid wedding dresses have too little movement for walking anywhere, including down the aisle. Be sure to explore your options to see how they look and feel, and if you feel as though you have found the one in a mermaid dress but the ability for movement is too restricted, that you speak with a seamstress about adding a bit more fabric to allow you to walk.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless wedding dresses have been around for years and offer an exposed chest and neckline for more drama. These dresses look amazing on just about everyone and will certainly add a bit of glamor to your wedding day. If all other dresses seem to fail, you should look into a strapless dress or more to see if it fits your personality and body type.

While there are several other options for wedding dresses, strapless dresses have been increasingly popular over the years and hardly ever go out of style, allowing you something that may easily fit into what you wear every day.

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