Adolf Hitler is the son of a customs official Alois Hitler (to 1877 Schickelgruber) and his wife Klara (nee Pölzl) in Braunau am Inn (Upper Austria) was born.

Hitler leaves the secondary school without final exam. Firstly not forced to gainful employment, Hitler devoted to reading völkischer writings. Particularly strongly influenced him at that time of Pangermanism(1842-1921)

After the death of his mother moved to Vienna, where he vainly applying twice at the Art Academy. Once he was able to live for a while from his inheritance, he proposes henceforth by no fixed abode, and finally in the homeless shelter with odd jobs. The experiences in the capital of the multiethnic state and the reading anti-Semitic newspapers and books determine Hitler’s “ideology” and characterize his racist hatred of Jews and justified his radical hostility to Marxism and liberalism.

Not least in order to evade military service in the Austro-Hungarian army, Hitler moved to Munich.

Hitler proposed by his unit to participate in a course for speakers selected “propaganda people” at the University of Munich and stands out as a talented orator from.

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