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Tips for the most fabulous happy birthday cakes

Birthdays are easily one of the most highly anticipated events in any person’s life simply because of the fact that they get the chance to meet their near and dear ones and indulge in a day of fun and merriment. Besides, who could possibly resist a thick, creamy slice of a birthday chocolate cake? Cakes are iconic when it comes to birthdays and no birthday celebration is complete till you’ve sliced through the moist, delicious layers of sponge oozing with buttercream goodness. However, if you like using your creative prowess to come up with innovative happy birthday cake ideas, here are some tips that will help you think outside the box and create a fabulous happy birthday cake for your loved one’s birthday.

  • Think beyond buttercream frosting:

You can get a little adventurous and use Italian Buttercream frosting, which uses an Italian meringue base to create a thick and fluffy frosting that is a lot more stable than normal buttercream. Besides, you could also opt for cream cheese frosting to add some tang to an otherwise sweet cake.

  • A happy birthday cupcake can be a great idea:

Instead of baking the usual cake, you could either create a bouquet of smaller cupcakes frosted individually or create a giant cupcake birthday cake that will also add a massive element of surprise and awe in the minds of your guests.

  • Opting for round cakes is a better option:

If you don’t feel confident in getting adventurous with the shape of the cake, you could play it safe with a round cake and simple frosting and instead spruce the happy birthday cake with candles that are taller and thinner than the usual ones available in the market. This will help add a fun element to an otherwise ordinary cake.

  • Always freeze your cake:

An excellent tip to ensure that your cake crumbs don’t get all over the place is to tightly wrap the baked and cooled cake with a cling film wrap and freeze it for an entire day before you proceed to frost the cake with a crumb coat followed by the final frosting. The freezing of the cake layers causes all the stray crumbs to stick to the cake and this in turn, helps add a clean look to the cake.

  • Store bought frosting should be whipped before using:

If you are not confident in your frosting making skills for your happy birthday chocolate cake, you could totally purchase it from the supermarket. However, to make sure that the frosting is fluffy and light, whip it for a few minutes in your stand mixer or with a handheld mixer and this will help the frosting to expand in size, thus making it lighter and fluffier.

Birthday cakes add more excitement and fun to a party and are an indispensable aspect when birthdays are involved. These tips will ensure that you get creative with the cake and surprise your loved ones.

Happy Birthday Cake Ideas

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