good night

Good Night Quotes

Sleep now a calm,
I’ll always be with you.
Here’s a last kiss
because I now have to go to bed.
Goodnight My sweetheart!

I want to feel your warmth
and kidnap you into the realm of lust.
I’ll still write to you what:
I want to stay with you forever!
Good night my angel!

I lie in bed and do not fall asleep,
how can anyone be so awake?
‘m Wide awake and think of you,
Hoff my SMS not wake you.
Sleep well, sweetie!

I would like to cover now
and tomorrow gently wake you with a kiss.
I’ll protect the whole night,
to the sun in the morning laughs again.

Good Night SMS

My dear sweet cuddly Spatz,
I’ll send you a cupcakes.
dream you only quite firmly,
I’ll be with you in a dream the same!

I’m cold, the bed is empty.
You beside me: How beautiful that would be!
Wish you the sweetest dreams!

Rest in peace, asleep,
Engel also may be tired.
And since you are one,
the something special is,
Sweet dreams and sleep well,
gather strength and courage.

Close your eyes and think of me,
because I think just very fast to you!
love Something sweet and dream of me
because I dream certainly from you!

Once there was a little princess, from morning till night she had to fulfill your duties.
Although they had the nicest clothes, was admired and hoffiert everywhere.
But at night, when you went to sleep, she always had a dream:
Being a simple girl.

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