2015 christmas

The winter was delayed until mid-November 2015, then fell first snow until well into the lowlands.
But who is hoping for a meteorological trend likely to be disappointed at first.

Next week, on Tuesday, at the start of meteorological winter, then up to twelve degrees are even possible. From winter is far and wide there is no trace. In addition, locally falls to the higher altitudes of the low mountain rain and fallen snow enters the retreat.

After that seems to establish a strong anticyclone over central Europe

Christmas Decoration

Noble colors. Pink and gold are the trendy colors of this year’s Christmas. Who wants to decorate Christmas beyond the traditional styles, this year has a particularly wide selection. As in the fashion world almost everything is currently possible and welcome. Some trends can be identified nevertheless. Ideas for Christmas 2015th.

It had to happen sometime. What have celebrated a few years ago in their nurseries little princesses, now comes in the whole house: Rosa is one of the most popular Christmas colors of 2015! Weakened stylish it is combined with purist candles, colorful metals, patinated metal objects or copper.

christmas 2015

christmas 2015 images

christmas 2015 pictures

2015 christmas

xmas 2015

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