Car for the Whole Family: 5 Models with Huge Trunks

Trunk volume is not the decisive factor when choosing a new car. However, when you have a big family, and especially if you like to travel, the spaciousness of the car trunk becomes one of the major requirements – you need to place bulk packages with diapers, bicycles, toys and many other belongings.
That’s why many travelers are accustomed to taking advantage of the 7 seater car hire in Sydney, Los Angeles, Paris, and generally around the world. Such a car will provide enough space for each member of the family, and as you know – the more space in the car, the better. What cars can boast not only practicality and great interior space, but also the huge size of the luggage compartment?

Ford Excursion – 4,200 liters

This model is not only the largest in the Ford family, but also exceeds the dimensions of any other serial all-terrain vehicle. The giant car first appeared in 1999, and although it’s not very suitable for narrow European streets, the USA and Canada have been using this monster for many years with pleasure.
The length of its body is almost 6 meters, while the wheelbase is 3,480 mm. The car is equipped with excellent optics, and the side mirrors have special LEDs showing all road participants about traffic lane change. This was done so that in some situations the Excursion driver may simply not notice a passenger car riding nearby and begin a maneuver.
Some people consider the last row of seats to be too cramped, but if you remove both the outermost seats and the second row, the owner will get a car with the largest trunk – as much as 4,200 liters. A lightweight luggage door made of composite materials is not divided into two, but into three parts for greater convenience.
Under the hood of this car monster is a 6.8-liter gasoline engine with the capacity of 310 hps – an alternative is a 7.3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 235 hps. Both motors work together with a hydromechanical automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Suburban – 3,720 liters

It’s slightly inferior to the previous car for the length of the body – 5,575 mm. Nicknamed the ‘Texas Limousine’, the Suburban has a versatile purpose, incredible carrying capacity, the ability to tow, as well as accommodate up to 9 passengers. Some owners clean the second row of seats to get an unrealistically roomy and comfortable lounge. With the third row folded down, a 3,720-liter trunk is obtained, in which even bulky items can be transported. Despite the size, the car, based on a powerful frame, has a very smooth movement, not noticing the obstacles and bumps along the way.
Under the hood is a 6-liter 355-hps engine, which is now available in a hybrid version, or a 5.3-liter 320-hps power unit. Both of them quickly accelerate a multi-kilogram car and at the same time require about 30 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Toyota 4Runner – 2,514 liters

The mid-size SUV is designed for long journeys with family or friends. For these purposes, it’s equipped with seven roomy seats and no less impressive trunk for a lot of belongings. This is a brutal, slightly rude car with a powerful bumper-chipper and spectacular optics.
Despite the fact that it’s very far from the premium segment, it has a unique function. The CC button is a magic feature in case of contact with impassable dirt and hilly terrain. It’s only necessary to activate it, as the system itself will control the opening of the throttle valve, calculate the necessary torque for the wheels and contribute to maximum grip on the surface, eliminating slipping.

Land Rover Discovery – 2,500 liters

This premium-class SUV with striking dynamic characteristics, no less amazing appearance and interior design, modern and technological electronics is remarkable for everyone. The reasonably impressive dimensions don’t seem heavy due to harmonious proportions, which make it appropriate to look both in the city and on the interstate highway.
Its front part has a short overhang, making it passable in any conditions, and the body itself has powerful protection around its entire perimeter. If we choose a car with a large trunk, then this is definitely Discovery. After folding the rear seats of its 7-seater cabin, you can get 2,500 liters of usable space.

Hyundai Santa Fe – 1,680 liters

This is an urban mid-size SUV with good dynamic characteristics, provided by five variants of powerful engines. Although the car features the same dimensions as its single-platform brother Hyundai Sonata, but its front and rear independent spring suspension along with four-wheel drive provide sufficient cross-country ability to overcome all kinds of road surfaces.
However, this system significantly increases fuel consumption. A seemingly modest trunk volume of 585 liters turns into 1,680-liter luggage compartment when the rear seats are folded. This allows you to easily place and transport all belongings of your family.

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