7 Most Wanted Pubg Mobile Wallpapers 2020

Pubg Mobile Wallpapers, There are, especially with the central game elements, few concessions that the smartphone app has to make compared to the full version of PUBG. For example, there is the popular Battle Royal mode, where 100 players are dropped onto a map several square kilometers in size. The game area gets smaller and smaller over time, so that the players will inevitably meet after a while – only to send each other into the virtual afterlife. The mobile version will be developed separately from the full version and therefore does not have all the maps or the latest changes to the game mechanics. Therefore, several elements typical for mobile games have been implied. For example, players receive bonuses for logging into the game regularly, such as a virtual currency. Apart from the currency, which can be earned through regular wins, there is also the so-called Unknown Cash, which can be purchased for real money. Although this does not bring any playful advantages, it does bring cosmetic ones. Boxes can be purchased that contain random items of clothing.

Best Pubg Mobile Wallpapers Download Free HD

Pubg mobile brand wallpaper

pubg mobile halloween theme wallpaper

pubg mobile war wallpaper

pubg mobile wallpaper for android and ios

pubg mobile iron thorne wallpaper

pubg mobile war action wallpaper

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